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Modular homes are homes which are built in factory type settings. The final product is equal to or greater in quality of site built homes. Modular homes are not mobile homes(Manufactured Homes). They are prefabricated at a different location and dropped on existing or new foundations. Mobile homes are not on foundations and can be moved at any time. Modular homes are permanent structures which like any other site built home, is built to permanently stay in one spot.
Since Modular homes are built in a factory setting it cuts back on many costs associated with building a home on site. Having technicians, craftsmen and engineers on hand under a roof to build a home allows for the build time of a modular home to be weeks instead of months. This also saves time with attaining permits and inspections along with not having to worry about weather conditions to build. Modular homes appraise the same as site finished homes and do not depreciate in value like mobile homes. They can be completely customized and vary in many different styles and sizes.

frankModular homes are built in the factory and shipped in sections to the building site. Then in single day a crane will lift and position sections and setters will connect them all into one building. BecauseĀ of this process, modular homes can save you quite a bit of money. This money can be used to expand the options of your home, floor space or to upgrade on finishing materials or furniture. It helps the homeowner/business owner to expand the possibilities.

IMG_4036 (2)Modular homes are energy efficient from the time they are being built to long after when it comes to your heating and cooling expenses. This technology is not new and as the technology continues to advance, we will see homes being built less expensively while more efficiently all across the world.