Over a century of authentic craftsmanship combined with advanced manufacturing innovations bring you the premier quality of Bruce hardwood flooring.



Bruce hardwood flooring is available in three different looks; distressed wood, hand- scraped wood, and traditional wood. It also comes in various species of wood such as Ash, Birch, Cherry, Exotic, Hickory, Maple, Oak and Walnut. It is constructed one of two ways either solid or engineered and is available in high, medium or low- gloss finishes. Bruce hardwood floors come in three sizes: strip (less than 3″), plank (3- 4 3/4″), and wide plank (5″ and up).

Colors available for hardwood:

White, Beige, Yellow, Tan, Orange, Copper, Red, Red- Brown, Brown, Dark- Brown, Grey, and Black.



Bruce laminate flooring comes in three looks: hand- scraped wood, traditional wood, and stones and naturals in high, medium or low- gloss finishes available only in sizes greater/less than 5.5″.

Colors available for laminate:

Beige, Tan, Red- Brown, Brown, Dark- Brown, and Grey.