April 18, 2014

Seibert & Smith has regularly reminded NFIP policyholders/victims of Superstorm Sandy about the upcoming April 28, 2014 deadline to file their Proof of Loss for flood damages. We also urge everyone to contact us asap regarding filing for supplemental adjustments; our personnel has worked on behalf of most of our clients who were under-reported in their flood claims. Recent awards of increased claim benefits were as follows: $27,500 Beach Haven West, $17,500 Beach Haven West, $29,000 Beach Haven West, $11,000 Long Beach Township, $18,500 The Coves. Several more are pending final awards.

This week, the Christie Administration requested FEMA to grant New Jersey residents and businesses another six months in order to submit their Proofs of Loss.

Christie Press Release:

“Superstorm Sandy was the worst natural disaster to strike New Jersey in a generation, and the process of rebuilding has been expensive and complicated. Homeowners and business owners simply need more time to file their final flood insurance claims,” said Governor Chris Christie. “Many property owners have begun to rebuild only to find there was more damage than they originally thought. This extension would give New Jersey residents the vital extra time they need to successfully navigate the flood claims filing process and restore and rebuild their properties.

Lavalette Sandy Damage

FEMA has extended this deadline twice before, and New Jersey policyholders sorely need one more extension,” Governor Christie said. “To rebuild and recover, New Jersey homeowners and business owners must file an accurate, comprehensive, and complete flood insurance claim, which can be a long and complicated process. Clearly the scope of the damage we experienced in this state would warrant another extension of this deadline.

FEMA extended the Proof of Loss deadlines for Superstorm Sandy victims twice before. First, in November 2012, FEMA extended the 60 day time-frame for filing Superstorm Sandy-related proof of loss documents to October 29, 2013 (one year from the date Superstorm Sandy struck New Jersey). The second extension was in October 2013, extending the deadline to April 28, 2014.

In order to avoid your claim being barred by the Statute of Limitations, it’s critical that policyholders understand that even if FEMA grants the Christie Administration’s request to extend the Proof of Loss deadline, additional Proofs of Loss may need to be submitted. Keep tuned to our website for updates.